French Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau period began in France around 1890, marking the first truly original style in the decorative arts in almost a century. It was a consciously international movement, and it was also, from the beginning, intended to find expression across all media, in all forms of the fine, decorative and applied arts and architecture.

Sparrows Inc has a long-standing fondness for the Art Nouveau period, which has been reflected over the years in its merchandise selection French Art Nouveau furniture, sculpture, ceramics and lighting and even in its logo, an Art Nouveau lettering style.

Even in France, the style had many variant streams. Sparrows Inc Art Nouveau selections have generally focused on sinuousness of line and designs adapted from nature.

Art Nouveau Furniture

French Art Nouveau furniture often took its motifs from plant life and the human female form. The wood carving and bronze hardware generally matched each other in terms of motif, very naturalistic and three-dimensional. The more common of these motifs were vintage patterns (grapes and grape leaves), flowers (ombelles, roses, daisies, irises etc), ivy and berries. This furniture was generally constructed of walnut or mahogany, sometimes with panels of burl, and with oak as the secondary wood. It was occasionally embellished with wrought iron or stained glass or marquetry. Over the years, Sparrows Inc has provided its customers a wealth of Art Nouveau furniture, for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Works by Majorelle, Galle, Jallot, Diot, Dumas, among many others, have passed through our hands, as well as many pieces of fine design and quality which were neither signed nor otherwise documented.

Art Nouveau Sculpture & Art Nouveau Ceramics

The Sparrows selection of Art Nouveau sculpture is never large, but we occasionally have fine bronze, marble, alabaster or ceramic sculpture, Art Nouveau in design and period.

Majolica and art pottery objects by a number of French Art Nouveau artists, including the iridescent glazes of Clement Massier, the work of the Sarreguemines and Choisy faienceries during the period, are among the Art Nouveau ceramic offerings from Sparrows Inc.

Art Nouveau Lighting

Sparrows’ selection of Art Nouveau lighting may at any time include antique chandeliers and table lamps, sometimes in bronze, very often in wrought iron with signed frosted or art glass shades.

Items such as these can always be viewed in our Online Gallery. If the Online Gallery does not contain an item to meet your specific needs, please contact us for information regarding other items in stock.

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